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Warcraft Worgen

Worgen massive wolf like humanoids rather like an upright warewolf, lolloping on all fours while run. According to sources held by the Forsaken, the Worgen come from another dimension, and exist only to terrorize and destroy. These creatures are thoroughly evil, delighting in torturing and devouring intelligent creatures. They enjoy hearing the screams of their victims as they tear them apart piece by piece. Worgen never show mercy or remorse. They may seem savage, but they are fairly intelligent and possess a cruel bestial cunning that can come as a surprise to the unprepared.

Most Worgen keep their wolf-like forms at all times, but experiments by the mage Arugal have resulted in human/worgen hybrids who only appear as Worgen under the light of the moon. They carry with them a dark, corrupting malaise that grows wherever they infest, making the surrounding area dark and gloomy.

Worgen are among the few humanoids that can be skinned. (Yeuch)

With the news of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the Greymane Worgen, who have developed a partial cure to the curse which allows them to retain their sanity even while transformed, have been announced as the sixth Alliance race.

Have a look at the first major battle the new race face. This is a STARTING ZONE battle. (How times change)


Resembling a cross between a human and a dire wolf, the hunched-over creature is roughly humanoid. Its body is covered in coarse, grayish-black fur with twitching claws and snarling teeth. The creature’s eyes are mottled yellow in colour, unblinking and devoid of any discernible emotion other than hunger.

Cursed beings from another dimension, Worgen only appeared in Azeroth as the result of magical mishaps. True aberrations, they are accidentally drawn through temporary rift tunnels and deposited in this world with no apparent way of returning. Absolutely nothing is known about the Worgen’s home realm, or even precisely how to spawn the rift tunnels through which they come.

Worgen are usually encountered in small packs near sites of recent intense magical activity. A pack may contain four to twelve individuals. A Worgen tribe may contain between twenty and two hundred individuals.Fiercely territorial creatures, they rarely stray from the general vicinity of the place in which they first appeared. Fearless beasts, they brazenly prowl near both villages and monster lairs. Although Worgen display an apparent fondness for night-time and its darkness, they can perform equally well in the daytime.

Pure savage beasts, Worgen tend to attack any creatures that they encounter, regardless of whether their unfortunate prey is animal, humanoid, undead, or something even more fearsome. Strangely, however, Worgen refuse to feed on the remains of their victims, preferring to shred and tear the corpses and then to return immediately to prowling. Rumours suggest that Worgen somehow receive sustenance continually from their native dimension… as well as guidance from a distant force

Starting Attributes

  Base Mage Priest Rogue Warlock Warrior Druid Hunter Death Knight
Strength 23 23 23 23 23 26 24 23 111
Agility 22 22 22 25 22 22 22 25 75
Stamina 20 20 20 21 21 22 20 21 99
Intellect 16 19 18 16 18 16 18 16 25
Spirit 19 21 22 19 21 19 21 20 41

Racial Traits

  • Darkflight – Activates your true form, increasing movement speed by 70% for 6 sec (3 min cooldown)
  • Viciousness – Increases all damage done by 1% (passive)
  • Aberration – Reduces the duration of all curses and diseases used against you by 15% (passive)
  • Flayer – Skinning skill increased by 15. No skinning knife required (passive)
  • Two Forms – Ability to morph from Human to Worgen (1.5 second cooldown)