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postheadericon Warcraft Races

The following pages contain a brief guide to the Horde and Alliance races you find throughout Azeroth. Their history and lore.

Warcraft Races

The lore of Warcraft is constantly evolving. Established facts from the past are often challenged by new revelations. Leaders change, attitudes harden of soften in response to events.

During the course of the game so far, the Scourge have taken a greater and greater role as the antagonist of both Alliance and Horde factions.

The information on these pages is not meant to be of any specific use. It is information gleaned from the internet, and updated whenever I can find new reliable sources.

Blizzard tend to put out rather scant press releases involving the plot, the “flesh” of the story is normally contained within the game itself, and sometimes even in the World of Warcraft books.

In the next two years, the Warcraft film will also advance various parts of the plot independently of the game. Expect the game world to change a little in response to the film – or vice versa.

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