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postheadericon Prospecting

Again mining is the primary gathering profession here. The raw ores from mining can be “prospected” into semi precious and precious gems for use in the Jewel crafting profession.  On the nexyt couple of pages are the ores  -and the gems they can be prospected into.

NOTE – It takes 5 x  one ore to prospect, and you may have more than one gem as a result of each prospect.

Warcraft Prospecting Percentages

As an example – you prospect an average of 1.1 ores from Copper, 2.1 from Tin and exactly one with iron and Mithril.

NB. Blizzard change the drop rates for items often. Sometimes without even referencing the change in patch notes.

Prospecting Grand Master and Burning Crusade


The skill here is to track the items that you gather yourself and see which state they are the most profitable in.

Of course – sometimes the most profitable route is to actually make a finished item,weapon, armor, gem, or enchant.

As we have mentioned before – very few of these below level 75 have any great value. But if you do happen to have the materials – and the Auction House prices for something you can create is worth the effort – then by all means do it.

You will need to create things to level your professions at some point. But make sure you do it wisely. Make things you can disenchant or sell.

At level 80 Jewel crafting becomes a vital profession as everyone looks to increase their key stats – and Gem slots on weapons and armor need to have the very best buffs.


Prospecting Wrath of the Lich King