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Warcraft Disenchanting Green Weapons

Of course, if your main is the enchanter, there is the option of disenchanting the  Bind on Acquire weapons and armor that you get as quest rewards. You can find an evening’s leveling can give you quite a number of these, and coupled with the loot drops that’s a sizable amount.

Warcraft Disenchanting Green Weapons

There is so much green armour, and at lower levels you will often find the auction house full of it. Auctioneer has a function that allows you to see if items listed are worth more as Enchanting materials than they are actually listed as. It’s not rocket science, it just takes the average value of the disenchant items you would get, and compares it to the list price at auction. It is possible to make a very fast profit with this. However, this function is available to everyone with the auctioneer add on, and just about everyone uses it, so you might rarely find more than one or two potential bargains listed. Remember though – Enchanting materials are FREE TO LIST at auction. So it’s worth a look.

Obviously this works for weapons as well, but it is far more common to see stacks of green armour at auction, people tend to keep the weapons – perhaps they are just sexier.

Results for Disenchanting Rare “Blue” Items


Disenchant Blue Items 

I know what you are thinking “why would anyone disenchant blues or epics?
Well believe it or not it’s quite common at higher levels.

Various shards can be farmed by creating blues just to disenchant.
It happens, and if you get an enchanter up to level 450 you will probably do it yourself.

For example. One of your ‘toons is a miner/blacksmith. They mine saronite to make a “Saronite Dirk” this they pass to you Enchanter who 99% of the time gets a “Dream Shard” for it (which is the standard currency to buy high level enchants at Dalaran) and 1% of the time an Abyss crystal – which on many servers goes for well over 100 gold each.

Warcraft Deadly Saronite Dirk

Results for disenchanting Purple “Epic” items


The quantity is the average quantity that the disenchant will produce. The percentage chance is the chance of that item being produced.

NOTE Some of the %ages for an item do add up to more than 100% – This is because several different items can be produced at one time with some disenchants.

However, when dealing with Epic items the chances as you can see are always 100%

You always get the item listed – only the quantities may vary.

Having said that, Abyss crystals are very expensive (hundreds of gold each on most servers) so getting 2 instead of 1 when you disenchant is a pretty big deal for most players.