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postheadericon Warcraft Professions

On the following pages you can find guides to levelling all the basic professions in Warcraft.  from 1-450

We also have a special section in progress dealing with the jump from 450 to 525 Illustrious. This is going to be a major leap. It is estimated by some that the cost of levelling a profession like Enchanting from 450 to 525 could be in excess of 25,000 gold pieces on many servers. With the new rod alone possibly costing as much as 12,000 gold pieces.

Professions Cover

Of course, if you want to get from 450 to 525 – you need to be 450 first.

Below is a downloadable copy of the guides on the following pages. Right click and choose “save as” to download it. Otherwise, choose from the drop down menu above or the list below – and get crafting!Professions Bookshot Click on the links below to see the individual guides;


If you want information for the gathering professions, then the Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide that is being serialized free on this site is the place for you. Look for it under “categories”