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postheadericon Economy Dilemma For Blizzard as Mists of Pandaria Approaches

Warcraft's Gold ProblemsHere’s something that may sound a little controversial. Gold is no longer important at all in all in Warcraft.With 92% of all accounts now containing one level 85 character or more, there is very little point in pretending that gold has much as a value any more.

Since Wrath of the Lich King, in fact since patch 2.3 the emphasis has changed in the game and most high end loot. Scratch that in fact nearly all loot worth having for your top and characters is now a result of a raid.

The question is however, where does that leave crafting. Crafting has been an integral part of the game to myself and many other players for the past seven years, and now, other than the starter gear which most people burn through inside a week, there is only the odd instance drop recipe that offers any long-term crafting challenge to us.

While I applaud Blizzard’s clear direction with the announcement of Mists of Pandaria, I do believe that a strong new crafting structure needs to be put in place, otherwise they may as well just take the whole aspect out of the game altogether.

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