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postheadericon Warcraft Elite Guide – Racial Abilities

Not many people play Warcraft just to make gold. Of course you WANT as much gold as you can lay your hands on, but ideally most people would rather spend their time actually playing the game – leveling, instancing and PvP-ing. There are ways to maximize the gold you make while playing, you should be aware of these opportunities and “tune” your character and play to make the most of them.

Racial Perks


Starting with a very obvious perk. Dwarfs can set the mini map focus to “Find Treasure”. Enabling them to see
where loot is. Very handy particularly early game.


Gemcutting – Jewelcrafting was introduced in “The Burning Crusade” armor, weans and some other objects are socketed to accept gems. In the later game these slots are vital to keeping your characters main stats as high as possible. A +5 skill in this area will allow you make higher level items than you would otherwise be trained for. Very useful in the endgame ! Another perk is “Gift of the Naaru” a moderate heal that may save your character some gold on potions or bandages over the course of the game

Blood Elves

“Arcane Affinity” increases your enchanting skill by 10 points. Enchants are very valuable end game. Glowing weapons are also very sale-able enchants all the way through. To give a value to this – getting from 440 to 450 enchanting with bought material may well cost you 800 gold. SO that’s how valuable this perk is towards the end of the normal game

Sabre Mount



Orcs do not have an obvious gold making perk. However, they are hardy, and, if played well, will probably use less bandages and potions over time with the “Hardiness” perk. It is also worth considering becoming a “pet” class as these benefit from the pet dealing 5% more damage with the “Command” perk. Leveling more quickly as a result is an indirect way of making gold.


“Engineering Specialization” is not the most obvious gold maker. But this is a substantial perk. 15 points to engineering. Although againg it is not a profession full of items that other people want, there are a few, and a big 15% bonus is enough to make this a race worth considering.



Taurens have a big gathering bonus. “Cultivation” raises their herbalism by 15%. Useful through out the game, as in general the higher the herb level – the more it will fetch.



Despite having a good range of perks, none seem specifically tuned to gold making. However “Diplomacy”  will save you a fair amount of gold when grinding reputation – say for a cross faction mount.



Despite not having an obvious gold making perk, “Regeneration” is actually one of the most useful you will find. The extra 10% health regeneration – includes combat time. This will save you a LOT of deaths and bandages and general downtime. Gold saved is gold earned.


Night Elves

“Shadowmeld” is very good for sneaking past foes to get to “hard to get” areas – very useful if you are gathering in an area slightly higher than you should be (also very useful extra for “Rogue” class players.
“Wisp Spirit” gets you back into action quicker after a death. More time in the game should be more gold earned.



“Cannibalize” regenerates 35% of your total health over 10 seconds, and with a 2 minute cooldown can be used about every second or third fight. Very useful savings on potions and bandages. “Underwater Breathing” can be used to farm gathering nodes from hard to get to areas.

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