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postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Single Market Approach II

While we are on this, you will note we are not making a special section for looted weapons and armor.

The reason for this is because you are unable to plan for these items, they take up a full inventory space for each item, and as time goes on, all but the very best items have only gone one way in value …down!

The very best items being (generally)

Well those prefixed “Champion’s” are always reasonable, as are the very highest level items.

Look at the stats. Plate with high Str and Stam will often sell because Warriors are the most equipment reliant class to level with and therefore need to upgrade more often.

Having said that – weapons and armour are still not a good investment – overall the value of these items is still generally down.

The reason being that a very large number of the lower level ’toons you see running around are alt’s of high level characters, and while the high level character “could” afford to equip them with the best greens all the time from the AH..they generally don’t because;

a) It’s not very cost efficient. Leveling at an appropriate level is pretty easy and does not require up to date equipment.

b) The higher level character will provide the stuff themselves, either with a quick solo instance run (always fun) or by using their trade skill to make decent kit for the lower level ‘toon.


Weapons and Armour Prices for Warcraft

This is an graph of the average price of several green ”Champion’s” items and blue weapons and armor we tracked over a period of 18 months across several servers.

The overall trend is down, and continues to be down, we see no reason for this trend to change. By all means sell for the best you can, but these items are not a good investment option.


Later we show you how to set up your own guild for your auction house alt’s, you might think that with a guild bank you have loads of storage.

Well, for a single market approach, you really don’t. Of course it’s a lot more than most people, but it really isn’t enough.

Early on, if you have say 5 ‘toons on the go, consider setting up the rest. (you have a maximum of 50 altogether though only 10 per server) Set up the other 5 for your main server, level them until they can safely reach the major local town and get to the bank.

All characters come with a basic bank facility where you can store more items. Consider posting the stuff you want storing long term to these ‘toons and banking them in the initial free accounts they have (as you will need to log on as them , to get to them)

You do not want to fill your available storage space with slow moving low profit items. This costs you profit in the long run.

With a single market approach, keep the quicker moving stuff in your local bank or guild bank so you can get to it quickly. The slower moving stuff put in your lower level “storage mule” banks, and make a note of what you have !

If you are REALLY desperate for space there is one more short term thing you can do…

Post it to a ‘toon

The postal system will keep it for 28 days. It is VERY risky. We have “forgotten” about items like this in the past, after 28 days the server deletes them.

But if you are desperate,  make a note of what went to which ‘toon, assure yourself it is only a short term measure then do it. One advantage is it is very cheap.

Now, without buying a single extra bag space, you can store a lot more than most people would ever think.

Warcraft Character at Bank

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