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postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Profit Profiles III

Warcraft Gold Profit Over Time


Starting with a working capital of 100 gold, the red shaded area shows how it grows if you can make it grow by 20% a day.
The blue Manhattans show what happens if it grows by 80% every 4 days.
Those of you that know the maths will know that it is a compounding increase that makes the former a quicker growth prospect than the latter.
But your play  style should be a factor as well.

Put simply, if you are a weekend player, or someone who only wants to go to the auction house for some serious trading once or twice a week, then taking long term high profit items is going to be better for you.
If however you log on an play every day – and are quite happy to tinker in the markets every day, then short term lower profits will generally yield better results.

Of course the best of ALL worlds is short term high profit turnover. If you see items like that, and you understand them, then grab them no matter what your main strategy, but they do not come that often.

Once you are of a high enough level you should make this decision. Am I going to log on every day and play the market, or am I looking for a decent – but slightly more modest – long term reward.

Be warned, choosing the short term route, and then not following through on it will cost you a lot of profit potential. It would only take missing a couple of days on this chart for the short term market trader to fall behind the long term trader.

You will find it easier to trade as a long term trader with high end items and vice versa. But there are always those who look to sell tons of harvested loot on a Saturday tea time, but instance look in the early hours of Sunday morning, and sell it back on again to hungry week day players looking to just get out and play on Monday evening. It’s a matter of scale. Buying 250 stacks of Runecloth at 2g a stack and selling it the next day for 4g a stack to someone looking to grind rep is a tactic we have used over and over again.

postheadericon Goblins and Gold.

Apparently, the future is so bright, we may have to wear shades. Ok, that’s old news, but for those of us planning to start new characters in Cataclysm (as opposed to rushing our existing ones to 85 – we can only do one thing at a time you know). then for me the thought of the Goblin class, with it’s emphasis firmly on trade is utterly intriguing.

It’s a shame that currently the Beta does not have them implemented so well. It’s hard to tell what is going to happen.

Here’s a recap of the talents we can expect though – then my thoughts on what I might do with some of them.

  • Goblin Racial – Best Deals Anywhere – You always receive the best discount regardless of faction.
  • Goblin Racial – Pack Hobgoblin – This racial in Cataclysm will call your personal servant allowing you bank access for a duration of 1 minute. 30 mins cooldown.
  • Goblin Racial – Better Living Through Chemistry – Goblin Alchemists will have their skills increased by 15. . 
  • Goblin Racial – Rocket Barrage – This Goblin racial ability launches your belt rockets an an enemy, dealing fire damage. 2 min cooldown.
  • Goblin Racial – Rocket Jump – This goblin racial trait will activate your rocket belt to jump forward.
  • Goblin Racial – Time is Money – 1% increased attack and casting speed.

Warcraft Goblin Bank


Best Deals Anywhere. Ok, on the one hand this should mean that grinding faction rep for anything other than end game items is a waste of time. End game items you often need the rep just to be allowed to buy. Oh and cross faction mounts of course.

Pack Hobgoblin For me this is a game changer. So for resource harvesters, this is an absolute must. Imagine. Grinding for resources. Skinning for example. No down time required, and everything waiting for you when you return to a city.

Better Living Through Chemistry Blizzard have changed the spec for this. 15 point boost to alchemy, or a boost to the effect of potions and elixirs with no boost to the profession skill itself. I’ll wait and see which one it is. It’s almost definitely the former to balance the Worgen’s 15 point boost to skinning – but we will wait and see.

Rocket Barrage Burst damage, and very decent scaling burst damage at that. I would like to see the animation for this. Sounds fun.

Rocket Jump Get out of – or into trouble quickly. Heroic leap? Or “Run away”. What made heroic leap was that you targetted a mob and leapt towards it. A random thrust anywhere is a different matter altogether. Possibly more useful if used expertly, but could also land you in a lot of trouble (like over the edge of a cliff for instance).

Time is money. The mathematicians amongst you will remind me that a 1% increase in casting speed does not actually equate to a 1% increase in damage and/or healing(I know). But a decent buff all the same.


What do you all think? Is having a Goblin with two gathering professions a no-brainer with this skill set?