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postheadericon WarZ Sales Stopped By Steam

First there was Arma, then there was Arma II and its expansions, then there was DayZ, a survival zombie game based on the Arma II and expansion engine, then another company called Hammerpoint jumped on the bandwagon and released a game called WarZ that looked very (very) similar indeed..

WarZ came out yesterday, indeed, I was about to buy it yesterday, I read some terrible reviews. But seeing as it was less than $15 I thought “what the hell” lets buy it today. I went back to Steam to buy it, the day after release. It was no longer listed as a “new release”, very unusual for a piece of software just 24 hours after official release day. So I typed WarZ into the search box at the top of Steam and sure enough it came up, but there is now no link to buy it. I have a quick look around on various forums and find that Steam have decided to stop selling it.

Don’t know what the real issue is here, there are allegations of all sorts of things going on and, as somebody hasn’t played it yet I can’t comment one way or the other.

But it does seem a bit of a shame doesn’t it? Survival horror sounds great to me, minecraft’s basic “swords and fantasy” premise has bored me to tears with its constant “armour and wizards and zombies” junk. I wanted something more to date. Looked like this is going to be it.

Whatever you did wrong Hammerpoint, it looks like it’s meant the end for War Z

Shame on you, Shame for you I suppose. See you on the other side.