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postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – More Vendor Markups

Blacksmithing Plans available from vendors – remember to sell at a large markup!


Massive Iron Axe
Hemet Nesingwary – Stranglethorn Vale 44 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Vharr – Stranglethorn Vale 39 Silver 60 Copper Limited Supply (1)

Hardened Iron Shortsword
Hank the Hammer – Stormwind City 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Jutak – Stranglethorn Vale 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Kaita Deepforge – Stormwind City 27 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Sumi – Orgrimmar 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Sumi – Stranglethorn Vale 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Moonsteel Broadsword
Zarena Cromwind – Stranglethorn Vale 44 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Golden Scale Coif
Krinkle Goodsteel – Tanaris 44 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Trenton Lighthammer – Tanaris 44 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Solid Iron Maul
Apprentice Kryten – Arathi Highlands 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Jannos Ironwill – Arathi Highlands 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Jazzrik – Badlands 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Muuran – Desolace 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Ridge Huntress – Badlands 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Rigglefuzz – Badlands 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)


postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Bargains to be had.

Throughout the game there are places where Vendors sell items cheaply that are required by other players. These players will pay well over the odds for these items as they do not want to hassle of traveling to the vendor to get these items themselves. We’ll have a look at some of the best now.

First the Alchemy Recipes.

Elixir of Demonslaying
Nina Lightbrew – Blasted Lands 90 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Rartar – Swamp of Sorrows 90 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Elixir of Shadow Power
Maria Lumere – Stormwind City 90 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Elixir of Superior Defense
Kor’geld – Orgrimmar 1 Gold 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Kor’geld – Stranglethorn Vale 1 Gold 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Soolie Berryfizz – Ironforge 1 Gold 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Vosur Brakthel – Ironforge 1 Gold 30 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Fire Protection Potion
Apprentice Honeywell – Hillsbrad Foothills 13 Silver 50 Copper Limited Supply (1)
Jeeda – Stonetalon Mountains 15 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Free Action Potion
Kor’geld – Orgrimmar 18 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Kor’geld – Stranglethorn Vale 18 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Soolie Berryfizz – Ironforge 18 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Tally Berryfizz – Ironforge 16 Silver 20 Copper Limited Supply (1)
Ulthir – Dustwallow Marsh 18 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Vosur Brakthel – Ironforge 18 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Frost Protection Potion
Drovnar Strongbrew – Arathi Highlands 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Glyx Brewright – Stranglethorn Vale 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Hammon Karwn – Arathi Highlands 18 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Skuerto – Arathi Highlands 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)

Great Rage Potion
Hagrus – Orgrimmar 20 Silver Limited Supply (2)
Ulthir – Darkshore 20 Silver Limited Supply (2)
Ulthir – Dustwallow Marsh 20 Silver Limited Supply (2)

Nature Protection Potion
Alchemist Pestlezugg – Hillsbrad Foothills 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Alchemist Pestlezugg – Tanaris 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Alchemist Pestlezugg – Swamp of Sorrows 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Alchemist Pestlezugg – Tanaris 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Bronk – Feralas 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Bronk – Stonetalon Mountains 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Glyx Brewright – Stranglethorn Vale 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)
Logannas – Feralas 20 Silver Limited Supply (1)

postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide. Oops. Warrior Class Talents


Ok, Warriors are hardy. They are the best hand to hand class in the game. That’s great for play. Not so good for Gold making. They have no healing skills, no movement perks, no “finding” skills.
Nothing really that would make them stand out as good “gold getters” ..other than survivability.
That being said, you will almost definitely use more potions and bandages as a warrior than just about any other class. We find it very difficult to recommend Warriors if gold is a main aim. They are also the most equipment reliant class in the game, meaning more expenditure more often at the auction house. Sorry Warrior fans, that’s just the way it is.


Why “Oops” – Well we’ve had the class talents up for ages – but missed out the wrrior section. Sorry :-(

postheadericon Class Talents

Next we take a quick look at the different classes. Again they all have ways to save of make gold built in to their strengths and weaknesses. So let’s start with.


Death Knight

Death  Knight’s – despite being a melee class, are more or less self healing. The Blood Talent tree has several skills that either use runic powers to heal the Knight, or take stamina directly from the foe. You should be a VERY light user of potions and bandages.  Starting at level 55 is also a huge bonus. Meaning you can immediately set about 2 gathering professions with a real purpose. It’s possible to level Leatherwork and either mining or herbalism side by side up to level 300 in about 5 hours with a Death Knight. That’s a serious ability.



Effective damage coupled with good healing skills makes this a solid choice for low maintenance in terms of gold .However, it is one of the most complex classes to play given the very different roles a Druid can perform, and the importance of knowing what form to adopt – and when. Different forms also give a speed boost  – always a bonus for leveling and gathering.



The long range attacks of the hunter, coupled (in most cases) with a pet to “tank” for them, makes this another low maintenance class if played well. However – they lack healing skills ( In real life every  hunter we know is about the best first aider we know as well – but Blizzard don’t see it that way) If played badly – or if mobs get in too close, a hunter can be overwhelmed pretty quickly. Our advice – play this class well, or not at all.



Paper thin melee defenses and attacks means this is another class that needs to play “at range” However, some specific perks can be brilliant time and money savers. “Portals” are the fastest way to travel to major centres, and can even bring in money if you ask for a fee to make them. We also love the Mage’s AoE skills – seeing 5 or 6 mobs drop in one go will make you the envy of other players..once you have the skills to do it.



The ability to summon your own mount. Well this sounds great,  but given the falling cost of mounts to other players, this perk is losing its comparative value.Still it is worth it. The moderate healing and resurrection skills are also gold savers for you (and other party members) However, if you are thinking of sacrificing yourself (which Paladin’s can do) make sure you get something in return.


Warcraft Class Guide Picture


Priests are the main healers. If correctly specced they can out-heal any class. However, they come with very weak melee skills and melee defenses.  Leveling with a “Shadow” heavy spec, then swapping to a “Holy” spec for end game would be wise. The “Discipline” talent tree should be mixed in as appropriate. However, once you are end-game, your’ well honed healing skills will be very welcome . How often do you see the call” Healing required for HC”…all the time, that’s how often.



Rogue’s are all bout speed and avoidance, If played well this should reduce the amount of healing and downtime required. If played badly you can get in serious trouble. “Lockpick” is a skill that is often in demand, and can make and save you gold. The ability to escape conflict is also useful, if not the most noble thing to be seen doing.



As usual, healing is a very handy ability.  However 2 specific talents are worth mentioning. “Water Walking” can be very handy to get to hard to reach areas for gathering professions, and becoming a “Ghost Wolf” makes travel  40% quicker. (less time wasted – more time making gold)



It’s difficult to quantify a Walock’s talents  in terms of Gold making. Warlocks are a pet class, with some healing skills (Healthstones) able to summon party members (handy for groups in end game) and have abilities to drain health from opponents. All useful. If you add all these skills up it becomes a very neat package – Making gold with a bit of everything when the opportunity arises is the way to earn as a Warlock

postheadericon Warcraft Elite Guide – Racial Abilities

Not many people play Warcraft just to make gold. Of course you WANT as much gold as you can lay your hands on, but ideally most people would rather spend their time actually playing the game – leveling, instancing and PvP-ing. There are ways to maximize the gold you make while playing, you should be aware of these opportunities and “tune” your character and play to make the most of them.

Racial Perks


Starting with a very obvious perk. Dwarfs can set the mini map focus to “Find Treasure”. Enabling them to see
where loot is. Very handy particularly early game.


Gemcutting – Jewelcrafting was introduced in “The Burning Crusade” armor, weans and some other objects are socketed to accept gems. In the later game these slots are vital to keeping your characters main stats as high as possible. A +5 skill in this area will allow you make higher level items than you would otherwise be trained for. Very useful in the endgame ! Another perk is “Gift of the Naaru” a moderate heal that may save your character some gold on potions or bandages over the course of the game

Blood Elves

“Arcane Affinity” increases your enchanting skill by 10 points. Enchants are very valuable end game. Glowing weapons are also very sale-able enchants all the way through. To give a value to this – getting from 440 to 450 enchanting with bought material may well cost you 800 gold. SO that’s how valuable this perk is towards the end of the normal game

Sabre Mount



Orcs do not have an obvious gold making perk. However, they are hardy, and, if played well, will probably use less bandages and potions over time with the “Hardiness” perk. It is also worth considering becoming a “pet” class as these benefit from the pet dealing 5% more damage with the “Command” perk. Leveling more quickly as a result is an indirect way of making gold.


“Engineering Specialization” is not the most obvious gold maker. But this is a substantial perk. 15 points to engineering. Although againg it is not a profession full of items that other people want, there are a few, and a big 15% bonus is enough to make this a race worth considering.



Taurens have a big gathering bonus. “Cultivation” raises their herbalism by 15%. Useful through out the game, as in general the higher the herb level – the more it will fetch.



Despite having a good range of perks, none seem specifically tuned to gold making. However “Diplomacy”  will save you a fair amount of gold when grinding reputation – say for a cross faction mount.



Despite not having an obvious gold making perk, “Regeneration” is actually one of the most useful you will find. The extra 10% health regeneration – includes combat time. This will save you a LOT of deaths and bandages and general downtime. Gold saved is gold earned.


Night Elves

“Shadowmeld” is very good for sneaking past foes to get to “hard to get” areas – very useful if you are gathering in an area slightly higher than you should be (also very useful extra for “Rogue” class players.
“Wisp Spirit” gets you back into action quicker after a death. More time in the game should be more gold earned.



“Cannibalize” regenerates 35% of your total health over 10 seconds, and with a 2 minute cooldown can be used about every second or third fight. Very useful savings on potions and bandages. “Underwater Breathing” can be used to farm gathering nodes from hard to get to areas.

postheadericon Warcraft Elite Guide – Starting Your Own Guild

The rest of this guide is both for play and for gold making – and is titled the Warcraft Elite Guide.

There are approximately 120 more pages to post – being perhaps 50 –60 posts left from this point :-)


For the server domination strategy you will need two guilds (one Horde and one Alliance) and two characters in each guild. This Multi Market Approach cannot be done in one Warcraft Account !

  • Check out where the guild master is in your local town and buy a blank charter for 10 silver
    Ask a guard where the guild master is.  (They can be very helpful)
  • Go to the trade channel (/2) then offer 1g for each signature on your charter. The best place to 
    camp yourself is in the starter zone for level 1 characters. 1G will seem a fortune for genuine noobs
  • Say up front that they will only need to be members of your guild for an hour or so.
  • When you have 9 signatures (So 10 members including yourself) take the charter back to the
    Guild master.
  • Go into your social / guilds tab on the taskbar. Make sure you are the guildmaster (you should be) then  dismiss the other 9. Hey presto your own guild. More importantly you now have 98 more bag slots, that you can access from any bank in the guild vault

The next part is a bit trickier.

Once one character is in the guild, you need to get the rest in.
The way to do it is invite someone into your guild and promote them to the second level. (the rank below yours) then ask them to wait while you log on with your second character, the guy you invited then returns the favor by inviting your second character.
Finally switch log back on as your guild leader and dismiss the guy who assisted you from the guild.

Pay say 2 to 5g for this, and make it clear what you are doing!


There is no need to be underhand, someone will want to help. You might even return the favour.

Again you don’t need to do any of this, but it really gives you a massive head start.

Just a quick word here about the social aspect of the game, and being in a solo guild.

It may have crossed your mind that this isn’t the best thing to do to be sociable.

Well, obviously it’s not.

However, two points should be raised here

  •   It does not have to be permanent – you can change your mind
  •   You can join normal guilds with other characters – or as we do swap now and again. Most of our new
      ‘toons get the right level and then do a spell at the AH’s.  This swapping is also useful in other ways.
      Other  regular AH users will recognize your ‘toon eventually, you don’t want grief now do you ?

A word of warning here – make sure the guild bank is empty – or you trust the person you’ve hired
when you invite an outsider to re-recruit for you. After all they could just empty it – it does happen.

Once you have 4 characters – 2 horde – 2 alliance  and 1 from each faction at their own faction AH, and one at a neutral AH – you are in business.


You will need a friend or a ‘toon on a second account at the neutral AH to trade “cross faction” with –

Now, even with as little as 20g you can start wheeling and dealing !

We tend to leave these characters here semi-permanently and then continue to play with other characters, but the choice is yours

Here’s the set up then.

Cross Faction Auction House Setup

So the multi-market option is where really big money can be made..
“Hang on, that must involve buying and selling using the neutral AH’s to move stock between factions..they charge 15% commission”.

Yes, they do, so what?

This 15% mark is what turns a lot of people off the cross market idea. It looks like it takes a big chunk of your profit potential AND then you have to sell it again at a neutral auction.

There are two ways to think about this.

The variance between the Horde and Alliance market for some items is so great, that paying 15% still leaves you with a very good profit, and a faster turnover because;

There is greater variation between markets than there is deviation in a single market, Often enough to cover the extra tariff and more.

The turnover is quicker, you do not often have to wait for a market to shift, you can buy from one market and be selling to another within minutes at a good markup. Turnover is important.

The Auction cut is based on YOUR SELLING PRICE. So here is an idea (not without risk)

Go to the neutral AH, post your items with a VERY LOW selling price. Switch ‘toon immediately to the ‘Toon from the opposing faction (you do have the opposing ‘toon (or buddy you wil share profits with) stood right next to the AH don’t you). Buy the items straight away. You pay tax on the very low price.


I stress again – you cannot do this on one account. The game will not let you.

Of course this is very risky. Someone could grab your stuff before you have time to log off and back on again.

Some ways to minimize risk.

You might want to have two accounts, or a friend or guild mate from the other faction both online at the same time, one posting, the other spamming refresh to buy the items. Keep spamming refresh on the item search until they pop up, then buy immediately.

Do these transfers when the server is quiet. Late night or first thing in the morning during the working week.
Don’t set 1copper as the buyout. Set a strange sum like 12 silver 17 copper. Someone will spot 1 copper this just from a quick scan, it will take them valuable seconds for an odd sum to register.