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postheadericon I’ve Quit SWTOR

Got an email this morning from Bioware. Read it, answered it. Just doing that made me think about SWTOR, and think that, in short, I wasn’t actually enjoying the game. In fact I didn’t even want to play it, more..if it was the only game on my HDD I would probably just go for a walk.

Shame – I waited years for it, but it’s as shallow as a puddle of pi$$. Here’s what I wrote anyway.


Sad to say, I’m not really enjoying SWTOR at the moment. The buzz wore off very quickly (a few days) and I’m left with quite a hollow feeling towards ther experience. Here’s why that is (for me at least);


The story for Jedi Consellor is a little repetative

  • Go to planet one – then do the following;
  • Quest line to find and help Jedi Master with disease
  • Quest line to help locals with group of "insurgents" or "imperial agents"

..when finished..Goto planet two and start again.


The user interface hinders me a little, nothing is where I would find it intuitively. I find myself healing a recently beaten mob rather than my companion sometimes, all sorts of things I don’t like about the interface (it’s too BIG for a start – it’s like a 5 year old child’s toy) Really needs to be customizable.

Character customization.

CC seems underdeveloped. I am very limited in what I can wear, and despite buying new items every few levels my character’s "look" is more or less unaltered. I see other JC’s running around, and they all like just like me. I don’t feel like a hero, or even an individual, I feel like "Jedi Counsellor Clone 3354b"


Crafting is dull. I can craft a whole list of virtually identical mods for armour and weapons. They all look the same, and no-one (not even me) can find any use for them. I can stick them on the the trade for 500 credits an no-one wants them

"xxxxx mod 9" looks exactly the same as

"xxxxxx mod 8"….. and despite keeping my crafting up with my character levelling, I have yet to find an item I craft that I actually have a use for myself – i.e is even marginally better than a mob drop I have already found or someone else has found and put on the Gal trade network.

Crafting itself is uninvolved. It’s not a sub game, it’s not a challenge, What it is is being interrupted during combat when one of your companions comes back and sats "Here’s your stuff" and just pressing "Make this" or "go there".

The only slight interaction I have is to ensure that I have enough of the vendor sold re-agents in stock or storage.  There are these descriptions of the missions your companion is oging on "Visit a deserted spacecraft and see if they have XXXXX" but after the first five goes… you just press the button

That is 100% of your crafting experience in a a button to send a companion off…. wait 20 minutes till he or she comes back….then press it again.


Should be interesting. But it’s not. There is not enough data to make informed stock choices or to "play the market". I perhaps spend 40% of my solo time at end level in other MMO’s playing the market. It’s great fun. Sure EvE and some other games (PotBS) have really good involved economics tied in with harvesting and crafting, but even WoW, Aion, Rift and FFXI have  a fun factor.  X-faction trading, storage and logistics etc.SWTOR has none of this, or at best very stunted and unerdeveloped trade and trading tools.


Grouping takes so long, and with so few people looking to run any particular flashpoint or heroic, I have just given up on it. I am planning to give multi (or at least dual) boxing a try, as the lack of community means I am missing so much of the content I might well enjoy -  I might buy a standard retail copy and give it a go for a month. But eventually I see me leaving SWTOR in a few months for a game with more scope (more involved trading and commercial aspects, better and more involved crafting)

At the moment there is not enough depth to make the game a stayer for me. I can quite happily solo while a community builds up, but all I’m doing is grinding quests. No secondary professions, dull crafting, dull trading and awkward interface, coupled with a plot line (for JC’s at least) which just seems to be an endless repeat of the same tasks – just with the level numbers changed. If I have to "Save another Jedi Grand Master" …Arrrggggghhhh!

I understand SWTOR is a "theme park" and I have no issue with that. WoW is a theme park, Aion is a theme park, FFXI is a theme park I love those games. But they seem to have a lot more "rides" than SWTOR.

With a real lack of involvement and depth in crafting, trading, sub professions etc, SWTOR is like a theme park with one ride..levelling.


  • Group finding  (Flashpoints and Heroics being missed due to no groups and very few flagged as LFG)
  • GUI customization (lack of) Poor GUI, targets, etc all in fixed and none intuitive places
  • Professions (dull, uninvolving "click button  – wait – click again")
  • No "Extra" professions to kill time when soloing. As you don’t even craft personally. If your not levelling – your doing nothing  – and that’s not good at all.
  • Trade Network (dull, no incentive for engrossing trading/stock play – no economic tools)
  • JC plot line repetiton (Save Jedi Grand Master, goto planet two  – rinse and repeat)
  • CHARACTER APPEARANCE CUSTOMIZATION (Limited in what I can buy – and no matter what I DO buy I end up looking 99% the same)

You’ll see from my stats that I’m playing less and less. I’m hoping for big news on improvement soon. Story alone is not going to make up for lack of  varied gameplay elements. And I’m not that impressed with the story (for JC at least)

I’m paid up till mid April, and sadly I think that will probably be the end of my time with SWTOR unless there are really big improvements. ESSP with more involved and varied gameplay elements added.

I expect you’ll get more money from me though. Mass Effect 3 in a few weeks etc.

I’m not sure MMO’s are going to be your strong point though. Too much emphasis on story and not near enough "game" to go with it.



Oh well