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postheadericon Ultraxion References Skyim. Homage or Insult?

Warcraft 4.3 Ultraxion RaidIt’s a question that might take some answering, When does a homage turn into an insult?

Quite a while now we been aware that Blizzard were considering adding references to Skyrim, a single player role-playing game from rival company Bethesda Softworks.

Some of the trash mobs that raiding parties had to encounter before doing the Ultraxion content were named or referenced the story and characters from Bethesdas record-breaking game.

I have scoured the net and not seen any representatives or anybody involved with the production of Skyrim complain about this idea at all, yet in the Blizzard forums there seems to be quite a heated debate about an “implied insult”.

Think of it this way, if you did not realise that other people were insulted by this would you consider it as an insult at all, or simply a homage to another game?

I’m firmly in the second camp, Warcraft has often cross-referenced popular culture in the past, and there is no direct competition between WoW and Skyrim.

One is a massively multiplayer game, the one a single player only.

In fact if anything, they probably compliment one another in keeping the “swords and sorcery” theme alive. I won both – as do many people I know. I am not choosing one over the other, they are quite different and…..oh well

Sadly, (in my opinion anyway), Blizzard seem to be considering removing or changing this content.

The spoilsports and killjoys win again.