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postheadericon Pet PvP? I Thought Dog or Cock Fighting Was Banned!

Mists of PokemonThe new pet system in Mists of Pandaria looks to be introducing innovation into the whole companion system.

The idea that your pets can take part in pet versus pet PVP is an interesting one, but many believe that it introduces an unnecessary level of detachment from the game play.

At the end of the day, no major world achievements have yet been introduced that require pet versus PET battles To be undertaken, so the way I see it you can either partake in it or not.

What’s the point in moaning about something you don’t have to do and other people may enjoy?

On the other hand, it does point in a more frivolous direction for our game. Lets Remember seven years ago World of Warcraft was quite serious and deep a MMO. It seemed to do pretty well for its first four or five years.

I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve actually taken part in a pet battle and seen how involved they are.