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postheadericon What Now For Crafting in Mists of Pandaria and WoW Patch 5.0?

The Pandas Are Coming!Crafting is in need of a major update before Pandaria and Warcraft five-point nought is released.

Over the last four years there has been an inexorable shift towards all high end items being instance drops only, there are very few recipes for crafters which provide any benefit to those who have moved even slightly into endgame and discarded their starting raiding gear.

I realise I’m writing this at many of the people reading it will have no concern for crafting whatsoever.

As world War Craft shifts more towards an action orientated game with less and less depth, crafting can be seen as an obvious casualty of an MMO which is trying its hardest to emulate games like “Battlefield” and EA’s hugely popular combat only style of play.

But for many of us veterans of seven years or more, crafting was one of the most exciting parts of the game early on, and while it has been continually simplified with each expansion, we all still live in hope of the sort of in-depth and engaging crafting and harvesting that other multi-player games such as “Star Wars Galaxies” and even “Pirates of the Burning Sea” have managed to implement.

There is also the issue of consumables, particularly potions retaining a level of value endgame when nearly every other crafting profession has zero or little value.

It is still the case that turning up for a raid with no high-end potions will soon have your healer leaving you to regret your oversight. Alchemists coupled with herbalists can still churn out a substantial amount of gold making their bread and butter items.

Enchanters also have a role to play in the game. Each new dungeon drop will need to be enchanted with the appropriate stats. Given the cost of raising an enchanter, this seems eminently fair, particularly when compared to the relative ease of reaching illustrious level with an alchemist.

However, leather workers and blacksmiths are reduced to producing the odd trinket or socket item with their main stock in trade being almost 100% redundant at endgame. You make the starting instance gear, and then forget all about your crafting profession altogether.

I waited eagerly for news from blizzard as to how they are going to address this.