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postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Other Profession Skills

As noted previously, the state in which a an item is taken to the auction house can affect the price you can expect.

Over the long term, we found having an Auction house runner in Stormwind or The Undercity with Enchanting skills proved the most efficient way of making more gold.

The items that are LEAST likely to sell for a decent amount are green weapons and armour. A look at the disenchanting yield in the auctioneer tool-tip will tell you that if this happens – then 9 times out of 10  – disenchanting makes you a lot more gold.

Warcraft Professions Page Banner

Milling, Prospecting and Smelting all have a role to play here as well.

In the rush to get to Illustrious 525 with these professions, don’t forget these vital abilities.

Here are links to the permanent pages dealing with these sub professions.


Click a link above to visit the page. :-)

postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Using Your Skills

Some professions have the ability to transform one ingredient into another. This gives you a lot of options.
For example. Metal ores can be smelted to be used primarily by blacksmithing or engineering OR they can be left as ore and prospected by jewelcrafters.

The market will be different for each state. It is not the case that a “processed” item will fetch more at auction. Sometimes you should transform the item..sometimes you shouldn’t.
Material master handles these changes for you, but here we offer a written guide to what items become what. There is some help with calculations in the Material Master spreadsheet. However, disenchanting involves destroying weapons and armor – and no two pieces will have the same Auction House value so it would not be right to try and tabulate value for disenchants – you will have to read that section and work them out for yourself based on what your server market is like.


Using looted or manufactured weapons and armor, you can “disenchant” these items to make the the raw ingredients for Enchanting. Sometimes the Weapon sells for the most..sometimes the enchanting ingredients..and sometimes the enchant itself. You need to know which is which


This is the easiest to describe, with one or two exceptions each ore becomes a bar or half a bar of the same named metal. There are some exotic metals, but trade on those is very low indeed


Mining provides the raw ore for prospectors to turn into gems. Each ore has a chance of becoming a certain gem or gems. Sometimes the ore sells for the most, sometimes the gem, and sometimes the finished jewel.


Last (and currently least) is milling. Herbalists provide the raw material for Scribes to mill to make the papers and inks for Glyphs. Sometimes the herb is more valuable, sometimes the papers and ink’s..sometimes the Glyphs…at the moment however it is rarely the glyphs.


When you have weapon or armor of “Uncommon” (Green) value or better, an enchanter has the ability to “Disenchant” and turn the item into enchanting materials.
Of couse the enchanter can then either sell these materials, or use them to make enchants to sell either directly to players, or on scrolls via the auction house. The chances are the Weapon or armor will havea different value to the materials, which in turn will have a different value to any enchant you may be able to make WITH the materials.

What an item disenchants into is dependent in the “i-level” of the item

This screen was captured with “Auctioneer” add-on enabled.

 Warcraft Titansteel Bonecrusher

As you can see it does a lot of the hard work for you.
If you have been doing your auction scans daily, then it will give you most of the information you need to make a decision on whether to disenchant an item or sell “as is”

In this vase it recommends Auctioning the item. This is an Epic (purple) item. It is rare to disenchant these.

We know of no better way of calculating the disenchant value than “Auctioneer”

It gives you the approximate disenchant value, and the mean sales value for other items seen at auction of the same or similar I-level. Then tells you which one will be most profitable for you.

You can then decide whether to sell the item, or sell the disenchanted materials.


All transformations are based on %age chance. There is a table of items that “could” be disenchanted. You may not get the average amount of items..of course you could get more …