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postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Other Profession Skills

As noted previously, the state in which a an item is taken to the auction house can affect the price you can expect.

Over the long term, we found having an Auction house runner in Stormwind or The Undercity with Enchanting skills proved the most efficient way of making more gold.

The items that are LEAST likely to sell for a decent amount are green weapons and armour. A look at the disenchanting yield in the auctioneer tool-tip will tell you that if this happens – then 9 times out of 10  – disenchanting makes you a lot more gold.

Warcraft Professions Page Banner

Milling, Prospecting and Smelting all have a role to play here as well.

In the rush to get to Illustrious 525 with these professions, don’t forget these vital abilities.

Here are links to the permanent pages dealing with these sub professions.


Click a link above to visit the page. :-)

postheadericon Warcraft Advanced Gold Guide – Your Current Status

There is no other way to put this. "If you don’t understand how the economy on your server works, you will not make money on it – the more you understand the more money you will make"
    So here is a tick list of what you need to know, easy stuff first.

  • What can I farm myself at my level ? 
  • Important note. Selling materials for other people’s professions is probably THE most solid way of making money., and anyone can farm for cloth for tailoring. We are not fans of going out farming for farmings sake, but if you have a couple of gathering professions, you will always have items to gather during your normal every day leveling and questing 
  • Where is the best place to farm appropriate to my skills and level ? 
  • How much working capital do I have to start ? 
  •   Ok, not all your gold should be thought of as "working capital", but if you have a decent amount of gold  – enough say to buy 4 or 5 new level appropriate "stacks" from the AH – or more – then MOST of it should be working capital.
            Think in terms of putting aside enough for 5 BIG repairs of equipment  – replenish ammo a couple of times and gold to buy enough potions/bandages to last a day or two of normal leveling/PvP or instances.

             The rest of your money is your investment. You could start with as little as 10g. Though the more you have, the quicker you will make it. 

  • What sort of time investment am I prepared to make? If you only log on a couple of times a week then you will be looking to trade on single market longer term investments. If you are playing WoW every day, then you will probably make more gold hitting lots of smaller margin short term investments.


Do I have the manpower?

Did you follow the guide and get a character to your own and a neutral Auction House? 
Do you have a second account or a guild friend to “go into business” with?

Yes – great – All options are open to you.

No – No problem,

It rules out cross market trading for now, but until you are confident – and     have a buddy with a character in the opposing faction you can trust, then it’s best to leave it for     now.

    Do I have any relevant professions other than harvesting?

    The most relevant profession for gold making without grinding is Enchanting, (or more specifically disenchanting), Alchemy is next because the key items you make are consumable – and therefore need replenishment often.

    Blacksmithing might be next. Warriors are VERY gear dependent, and to level quickly have to change gear more often than other classes – and Blacksmith’s make some of the best warrior gear.

Advanced Gold Guide Banner

    However – at Level 75 or better the best for all classes is often from instances. Leatherwork, Tailoring, Jewelcraft and Inscription (in roughly that order) Though jewelcraft really comes into it’s own at high levels.


While it is very possible to make money without farming (once you have a decent starting capital) we have included farming because it will just happen naturally. If you are a skinner, miner of herbalist then it stands to reason you should just take the items presented to you during the normal course of play. This being the case, you need to know where the places are that are right for your level to farm.

However, we re-iterate. Once you have a starting capital (or STAKE) then if you wish, you can stop farming all together. We don’t advise it, but it is a real option.