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postheadericon Elder Scrolls Online Put Back And Dumbed Down

Elder Scrolls Online dumbed down consolized and put back

I often wondered why Troy opened their gates to the great big wooden horse that let Odysseus’s Warriors into the city. I mean, who wants a great big wooden horse anyway?

The developers of Elder Scrolls online have managed to do a great “Trojan horse” trick today. Disguising two pieces of awful news as something good.

Elder Scrolls Online is coming out for PS4 and Xbox1

Bet these aren’t even console graphics. A great franchise destroyed

My opinion of that is (most sarcastic voice) “Great, Whoopee dooo” ,(I couldn’t care less). Or could I?

Well, here’s the problem. Proper MMOs with the right level of depth and tactical gameplay do not translate very well to game pads. They are limited by the control method. It’s why, despite Oblivion and Skyrim being excellent games, they are not a patch in gameplay depth on a fully online RPG. A gamepad just doesn’t have the buttons and control surfaces are available at any point in time to play tactically.

Just think of the tactics involved in a game as outwardly simple as targeting in Warcraft.

You want separate buttons to switch to target, target of target, the target of the focus and the focus of the target. Sounds complicated? It’s all second nature once you get into some serious instances, and, if you want to be effective it is absolutely essential.

Well, something like that is about half the buttons available on your average joy pad. Once you take basic movement running and jumping and a button to “attack” that’s about your lot.

But the real Trojan horse here is the fact they put the game back six months. It was due for a Fall 2013 release it is now due for a Spring in 2014 release. I am face-palming as I watch all the fan boys whoop and holler out about how great the graphics are, in a game where the graphics have already been demonstrated many times over and the ones demonstrated here look no better or no worse than the ones you’ve seen many many times before.

Ignoring the fact that this game will now be a “whack a mole action RPG”.due to control restrictions.

Likely little more than Diablo three in first person?

And with the likely tactical and strategic depth of a spit puddle.

Those who are keen to play this dumbed down rock of a game will now be obliged to wait an extra six months to get their hands on it.

I was one of those who was going to be interested. Not any more.