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postheadericon Warcraft Server Stats Reveal A Truth We Already Knew

Twink Farming After PandariaI’m a big fan of MMO Champion, and sometimes they bring you up some statistics that completely change your perception of the game. Recently they did an update on the gear levels of those participating in player versus player combat in war craft.

I put the figures below, but it begged the bigger question…

“Whatever happened to twinking”

I’ve put a polite enquiry on the MMOC website.

“Does this only take into account characters have reached level 85, or is it across the board.”

I was told that this was a total survey, and that player versus player combat for characters below highest level was virtually non-existent, statistically not worth mentioning.

Sample Size

  • Item Level 370+: 2.6 million sample size
  • Item Level 385+: 600k sample size
  • Item Level 395+: 25k sample size

Participation Rate

  • Item Level 370+: 17% of the eligible characters participated in Rated Battlegrounds
  • Item Level 385+: 28% of the eligible characters participated in Rated Battlegrounds
  • Item Level 395+: 39% of the eligible characters participated in Rated Battlegrounds

What are telling statistic this is. I used to enjoy the levelling process, and had twink at 19 and 39 which seem to be the sweet spot. My level 60 level 70 characters often used to go out and farm blues and greens for my twinks. The number of times that the Scarlet Monastery for twinking greens and blues I can’t possibly count.

Now, the race to the highest level of the game is almost negligible. It’s just a chore.

All the fun and exciting things we used to do along the way are now put off until the highest level.

There is no point levelling profession as you go, as you have a top-level character in a stable who can bike or farm all the equipment and ingredients you need in a fraction of the time.

There is no point grouping for quests, all the main deals are only the high-level characters, and as the statistics show hardly anybody partakes in PvP other than at level cap.

Soling od dual boxing some low-level instances for fun, well it’s been a very boring and solo experience now since Wrath of the Lichking was released in 2008. It’s a waste of time trying to group up on most servers to anything other than top-level instances, no-ones doing them…ever.

If you’re levelling up an alt, and stop to have a little chat at those around you, the chances of finding a genuine World of Warcraft newbie is virtually zero.

Everybody else’s levelling up alts as well. To fill a gap in their profession skills, or just because they are bored of the offensive or defensive rotation of their main characters.

I’m ranting again, but I wish Blizzard would put some thought into making the levelling process at least a little bit exciting and involving. Perhaps giving tangible rewards for group, crafting or PvP activities such as heirloom items which level with you?

I don’t know, what do you think?

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