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postheadericon PvP in WoW – I Love it, But Not Everyone Does!

Pandaria PvP DilemmaI happen to love player versus player combat, it’s what I do about 50% of the time I spend in game. But I also know that in the various guilds on my servers that PvP is definitely a secondary consideration to the majority of players I meet on a day-to-day basis.

When writing this I actually tried to find an authoritative article where the number of players who regularly indulge in player versus player combat versus those that avoid it will summarise. However I only found speculation.

Perhaps the best measure is the balance of servers between player versus environment and player versus player.

There is a clear imbalance between server types in favour of player versus environment, there always has been, and this is not just common to World of Warcraft, it is something that most MMO RPG games reflect.

One of my main characters has been on a server since the day Warcraft went live over seven years ago, he has been in the same guild for all but the first six weeks of that time.

But now the murmurings are that several of the guild members who have been with me for a very long time will leave if the game continues its drift towards player versus player.

Like I said, I love PvP. But I’m also aware that I’m in a (large) minority.

The question is – are Blizzard also aware of this?

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