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postheadericon Countdown to Cataclysm – Worgen Starting Zone

Ever wanted to play a dog? Ok, a Worgen then. Here is the starting zone for this new alliance class.

Not mentioned in the video, but what I noticed here first is the close set housing in the zone, the polygon count is up quite a bit for Cataclysm – so expect an increase in minimum specs for Warcraft.

Look also at the transformation 22:44 – It’s very quick. An important point for those wondering whether form changes in combat were going to be possible.

Anyway, just a quick post. Very detailed starting area. Plenty of toys to play with through the first few levels.

I am on the look out for changes to the “classic” starting areas. Especially Tauren, Dwarf and Human.

I’ll post videos as soon as they become available.


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