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postheadericon 4.3.2 Patch Delay. Poor Old Hunters

Warcraft 4.3.2 PatchSo patch 4.3.2 is likely to be delayed.
For most people this is probably fine. It’s just a 3rd tier update with a few balancing tweaks after all.
Notice the hunters changes though. All positive. Black Arrow effect roughly doubled, deterrence effect increased and Lock and Load is not halter by arcane shot (which might fundamentally change a hunters PvE rotation)

Full notes below.



World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.2

  • Classes: General Vengeance is no longer triggered by receiving damage from other players.
  • Druids The Tier 13 Balance Druid 4-piece bonus now also increases the damage of Starsurge by 10%, in addition to its current effect.
  • Hunters Aspect of the Hawk now grants roughly 35% more attack power.
    Deterrence now also reduces damage taken by 30% while active.
    Black Arrow now ticks every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, as opposed to every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The total damage dealt by the ability is unchanged.
    Lock and Load no longer benefits Arcane Shot, nor is it consumed by Arcane Shot.
  • Mages Fireball damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.
    Pyroblast damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.
  • Paladins Holy Radiance now costs 40% of base mana, up from 35%.
  • Priests Mass Dispel should again prefer dispelling targets that have magic effects that can be dispelled.
  • Dungeons & Raids You can now form same-faction raids with Real ID friends, allowing you to enter Raid Finder in groups larger than 5, run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds. You will not yet be able to run normal or heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm raids of Real ID friends.
  • Several typo fixes and clarified descriptions have been added to the Dungeon Journal entries for Dragon Soul.
  • Players can no longer win multiple copies of the same item on a single Raid Finder boss kill. For example, a player who chooses Need on two set piece tokens or two weapons and wins the first, will not be eligible for the second on that particular boss.

postheadericon 64 Bit Mac Client Almost Ready

64 Bit CPU's From Ages AgoIt’s about time that software moved to 64 bit platforms. There is a 90% plus chance (probably 99.9%) that you play Warcraft on a 64 bit machine. The processor is 64 bit (all mainstream processors have been 64 bit for almost a decade now), and the OS you are using is 64bit  or has a 64 bit option.

I won’t bore you with the massive advantages we would all have if all software moved to 64 bit – but at least Blizzard are now making a positive step towards propagating the next generation of hardware with the move to a 64 bit client.

Patch 4.3.2 64-bit PTR Client

The new PTR build also brought us a 64-bit client for Mac users.

Originally Posted by Blizzard

A 64-bit client is now available for use with the 4.3.2 PTR. You can download it at the link below, unzip it into your PTR directory, and then run the executable to test it.

  • The 64-bit client is being distributed separately from the PTR as it is not yet supported for use with World of Warcraft.
  • This can only be used with the 4.3.2 PTR, it is not to be used with the live version of the game.
  • The game’s built in voice chat does not currently work in the 64-bit client.
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client does not currently support the in-game movie recording functionality.
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client does not currently support the customized LCD display for the Logitech G15 series of keyboards.
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client is currently not supported on 10.5 systems. You will need 10.6.8 or later for this version.

Build 15201 – PC link, Mac link
If you encounter any issues while using the 64-bit version, please report your findings in the PTR bug report forum (, and return to using the 32-bit executable.

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