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postheadericon Cokfudge The word of the day

So, you wanted to know what “cokfudge” meant? Maybe someone used it as “The word of the day on Facebook and said “Look it up”

So you did – and  – well – you ended up here looking for the definition of the word – well here it is.

This Cok  but made of fudge cokfudge


Cokfudge Defn: A made up word or phrase placed on Facebook for the purposes of proving just how quickly you can get a blog post indexed and ranked number one in the search engines – as long as it’s for a word that you’ve just made up and didn’t exist before 11:34 on a Thursday night in November 2012.


Or – How to be first in a competition with only one contestant

Or – How to increase (slightly) the visitor numbers to a new blogpost using nonsense mini meme’s

That’s Cokfudge!

postheadericon Good To See K.P Playing For England Again

At four o’clock tomorrow morning UK time England take the field against India in a series they are not fancied to win. After all the trials and tribulations of summer, KP is due to be back in their ranks. Fulfilling his destiny batting at number four. For many he is the only player in the side with the ability to take on the Indian spinners at their own game.

KP Batting For England


However, in a recent interview he was concerned that his brain might get in the way of what he wanted to do.

“Like, I might want to hit the ball but my brain might be saying no lead this one alone and wait for the next one – brains are like that aren’t they”

let’s hope he gets it all sorted out in his mind before tomorrow morning. England expects!