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postheadericon Blizzcon Cancelled SHOCK NEWS


BlizzonLogoIt’s rare that I have news as amazing as today’s. But Blizzard has officially announced that there will be no Blizzcon in 2012.

A spokesman for the company cited the release of three games in this financial year as a reason why the company said they did not have the time for resources to put on a major events such as Blizzcon.

Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria and the new Starcraft game are all being released in the next 8 to 10 months.

Ok so they have a lot to finish and promote, but surely, with a high profile games being released now is exactly the time you would have a major event to promote them, wouldn’t you?

An event which guarantees tens of thousands of visitors, a huge boost in publicity and is already established in the calendar of many gamers throughout the world.

Don’t forget, taking a break of the year and sometimes completely lose focus, people will find something else to do to that particular week and it may not come back with the same pizzazz as it left with.

I put a link to the official statement in the image with this post, I’m just off to have a couple of very strong coffee to get over the shock.

postheadericon Diablo III Beta Patch 10 Test Live Tonight

Diablo3  -  Not Just A Keyboard WreckerAs those of you who’ve been following the progress of Diablo III through its various trials and tribulations. You will be well aware that the non disclosure agreements for beta testers was lifted some months ago.

As of now patch 10 for the latest beta client has just been released. And tonight there is an opportunity to see it being played live. In lieu of those few who have managed to make the closed beta this could be one of your last opportunities to judge yourself how well the game’s progress since the early videos were well touted on Youtube.

Personally I’m looking to see more depth in the game. A jazzed up Diablo II is not what I’m after it all, I have Titan Quest, Torchlight and several other games in my drawer to scratch that itch..

I’m looking for real characterisation, progression, teamwork and a hell of a lot more than just spamming two or three attack keys over and over again.

Anyway, follow the link here and judge for yourself tonight.

postheadericon Blizzard Investors Call Early February. Titan, Diablo, WoW

Like most major software companies, particularly those affiliated to large distributors, Blizzard have an obligation both to their partners and to their shareholders to periodically appraise them of their situation.

One of these “Financial calls” is due in the next few days, and it comes at a very fluid time for the software developers.

Blizzard are expected to announce the release of Diablo III very soon..

Mike Morhaime is widely expected to use the upcoming call to make a release date announcement.

But for those of us still playing World of Warcraft, the financial situation of Blizzard has a much deeper interest, and one that I’ve not seen reported elsewhere.

As most of you are aware, there is a project on-going at Blizzard called “Titan” and this has been described as a “ new casual role-playing game”.

Titan By Blizzard EntertainmentThat’s the title that baffles me. Any game where I have to pay a monthly description I would expect to play for many hours per month to get value for my subscription fee. I’m not sure where the word “casual” comes into it?

More importantly even than that is that reports over the last three months have been that up to 1.4 million subscribers have cancelled their Warcraft craft accounts.

While this still leaves Blizzard with a game many times more popular than any other MMO on the market, it does represent a huge and very rapid drop in subscription. Let’s face it, WoW is now over seven years old and at its very heart a lot of its infrastructure is pretty dated..

This is never more apparent than when creating a new character with one of the original races. The rather gormless looking caricature faces for humans, dwarfs and gnomes, not to mention the very limited choices in facial features is the first indicator that this game is based on a very old platform.

Of course like most people we value depth of game-play above visual aesthetics, but there comes a time when you really are stretching the elastic, and something needs to give.

I predict that this next economic update from Blizzard will at least hint at a change to the subscription style that they operate or, conversely that following the Pandaria update, Warcraft will undergo a massive and fundamental change in engine and design.

Of course there is a third option, that Warcraft will gradually be phased out, going free to play in the next 18 months or so to make room in the market place for “Titan”.

Here at Wowgoldeliteguide we will have the full update after the call the call

postheadericon Diablo 3 release in the six weeks – “Yes or No”.

Diablo 3 BannerFor those of us who followed the release date drama with Star Wars TOR recently, nothing that a major MMO company does as regards informing their potential user base will surprise me any more.

Perhaps not quite as drastic as deciding game will ship two days before the shops close at Christmas (Which was Bioware’s plan – in Europe anyway) Blizzard are still remaining cagey as to the exact date that Diablo three will release.

Most tellingly the Beta is still on-going and does not have an end date yet.

Traditional thinking would suggest that while the pre-release Beta still has an indefinite time to run, there is no firm or fixed release date scheduled.

However, I wouldn’t take this too seriously. Such is the secrecy and “cloak and dagger” methods surrounding any major games released these days, particularly in the MMO field, it could well be that Blizzard will only give us 3 to 4 weeks notice.

I’ll let you in on a secret, my best guess is somewhere between February 1st 2012 and October 28, 2027. And I’ll eat my hat if I’m wrong.