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Pandarian Mists for Warcraft

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postheadericon Elder Scrolls Online Put Back And Dumbed Down

Elder Scrolls Online dumbed down consolized and put back

I often wondered why Troy opened their gates to the great big wooden horse that let Odysseus’s Warriors into the city. I mean, who wants a great big wooden horse anyway?

The developers of Elder Scrolls online have managed to do a great “Trojan horse” trick today. Disguising two pieces of awful news as something good.

Elder Scrolls Online is coming out for PS4 and Xbox1

Bet these aren’t even console graphics. A great franchise destroyed

My opinion of that is (most sarcastic voice) “Great, Whoopee dooo” ,(I couldn’t care less). Or could I?

Well, here’s the problem. Proper MMOs with the right level of depth and tactical gameplay do not translate very well to game pads. They are limited by the control method. It’s why, despite Oblivion and Skyrim being excellent games, they are not a patch in gameplay depth on a fully online RPG. A gamepad just doesn’t have the buttons and control surfaces are available at any point in time to play tactically.

Just think of the tactics involved in a game as outwardly simple as targeting in Warcraft.

You want separate buttons to switch to target, target of target, the target of the focus and the focus of the target. Sounds complicated? It’s all second nature once you get into some serious instances, and, if you want to be effective it is absolutely essential.

Well, something like that is about half the buttons available on your average joy pad. Once you take basic movement running and jumping and a button to “attack” that’s about your lot.

But the real Trojan horse here is the fact they put the game back six months. It was due for a Fall 2013 release it is now due for a Spring in 2014 release. I am face-palming as I watch all the fan boys whoop and holler out about how great the graphics are, in a game where the graphics have already been demonstrated many times over and the ones demonstrated here look no better or no worse than the ones you’ve seen many many times before.

Ignoring the fact that this game will now be a “whack a mole action RPG”.due to control restrictions.

Likely little more than Diablo three in first person?

And with the likely tactical and strategic depth of a spit puddle.

Those who are keen to play this dumbed down rock of a game will now be obliged to wait an extra six months to get their hands on it.

I was one of those who was going to be interested. Not any more.

postheadericon Battlefield Always OFFLINE Requirement Stuns Player Base!

The rumour mill has it that the latest release of Battlefield, the much anticipated Battlefield 4, will have an always off-line requirement.

The software director at “Electragic Arse” stated:

“We understand that our traditional user base has been used to Battlefield being an online game. However, we are looking to leverage the power of peoples PCs.

The average home PC is a “multiple of computing power” greater than the tiny fraction of our limited and continually shifting server base that we could dedicate to an individual gameplay. ** (see below)

Much more powerful for instance than Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It makes great sense to leverage this power to get the most for people’s gameplay experience”

An Idiot Destroying A Beloved Games Franchise Pictured YesterdayIt is understood that, when the game starts it will do a check to make sure that the user has no Internet connectivity. Using special propriety technology the software will see if there are any WiFi signals in the area, and the game will not be able to start until all of these are closed down.

“We need to keep gameplay integrity. Online players will often look to cheat, or do not play the game in a way which users would like to see it played. In a real battlefield you will very rarely see people spinning around or bunny hopping all over the place.

However in previous Battlefield games the practices of lobbing grenades over walls, bunny hopping, spawn point ganking and other spoiler tactics were common. It seemed a logical thing to do would be to remove the online element of the game giving individual players just the experience that they wanted.”

There is already been a huge backlash to this decision by “Unelected Farts” by the traditional Battlefield community.

Steve Madeupname, a hacker from New York has already posted a video which shows how easily Battlefield 4 could be run with an ethernet cable plugged into a computer.

“I was playing an early Beta version of Battlefield 4, and I thought, ‘let’s just try plugging my ethernet cable in’.

I did, and got a full 45 minutes playing before the software discovered this and kicked me out. It seems clear that the always off-line requirements is only there to prevent people from getting together in large groups and using “Felchertronic Tarts” own servers to bitch about what damn awful company they are on in-game chat.”

The press drone countered with

“Thousands of people already told me (in a dream) that they love this new idea. I don’t have their names and addresses or anything, in fact it might have just been trapped wind all along. Still,  you can’t prove otherwise. but I’m sticking to “thousands” because I’m sure that’s the case.”

She continued;

“I’m very rarely wrong about these things. In fact, if I stick my fingers in my ears close my eyes and shout really loud till everyone else has shut up or run away in tears… I’ve discovered that I’m never wrong about anything… ever ”

The press secretary at “Bellendfrottering Tarts” has since been quoted as saying that, while it could be possible for Battlefield for to run with Internet connectivity, it had never been part of their “vision” for this new iteration of the top-selling first person shooter game.

“We want our FPS to stand out form the other 22,634 FPS’s due out…in April 2013 and taking out many of the features people loved will really make it stand out from the crowd”

** It stands to reason that even without global internet lag (meaning each calculation might have to travel thousands of miles from PC to server and back making the very idea of server based gameplay for complex operations from hundreds of thousands of people at the same time… a complete joke) We would effectively have to provide a super computers worth of resources here at our server centre for every online player. 

If the resources we were offering PER PLAYER weren’t greater than their home PC’s – what would be the point in doing it at all?

We’d effectively need to be buying a super computer dedicated to every player that might be online at once out of the goodness of our heart.

Not messing with a well established idea against the fan bases wishes does not fit in with our “Buy an IP, destroy and simplify the gameplay, milk it till even the die hard fans are fed up, then ditch it” philosophy.

Roll Of Honor! RIP

Westood Studios? Bullfrog (sob)? Origin Games (no more Ultima)? Maxis, Bioware, Mythic Games? See ya DICE studios So long Criterion Games.

Yup – here at Craptastic Moneygrabbers (doesn’t rhyme any more but who the frick cares) with us it’s all about the cash and f%^k the loyal customers

postheadericon Every Cat Has Its Day

Where is it cat

Oh well pussy cat – better luck next time eh?

postheadericon Electronic Arts. Destroying Good Developers And Great Franchises For The Past 10 Years

Have a look at these. Electronic Arts. Shutting down the franchises, or converting their output to mush.

Victims of EA

postheadericon Simcity And Electronic Arts Cover Up Lies With More Lies

Can EA upset more customers? Can they ruin more franchises? Can they use the cash made from their sports annuals and Battlefield to destroy even more fondly remembered IPs? Is their any depth to which this company will not stoop?

Electronic arts making the claim that Simcity required – absolutely REQUIRED always online connection to be functional.


The initial lie came from one Lucy Bradshaw:

“With the way that the game works, we offload a significant amount of the calculations to our servers so that the computations are off the local PCs and are moved into the cloud. It wouldn’t be possible to make the game offline without a significant amount of engineering work by our team.”


Then people noticed that you could just unplug the internet connection, and at least as far as a single city went, the game would carry on for 20, 40 sometimes 60 minutes. No function of single city play seemed to be

effected at all.

Simcity with internet lead yanked out



Oh yes.

Also it was noticed that on re-plugging the internet lead it would take less than 3 seconds for the game to start working again, and the internet lead could be unplugged again for 20, 40 or even 60 minutes.

Notice a pattern in the times as well?

Blocks of 20 minutes

Suggesting (but not proving) that the intervals had nothing to do with the game actually requiring an internet connection, but more that a check was made every 20 minutes for a connection to the EA servers and that certain in game activities could prevent that check being required for another block of 20 minutes. Maybe if you were actually placing a building and had it on your mouse pointer when the 20 minute check game it would postpone this requirement for another block of 20 minutes. Just a guess here.

Anyway – about the same time a hacker called Azzer managed to get into the Simcity console and just turn off the requirement for internet connectivity altogether! He also managed to crack most of the games code that limited the city size (Simcity has tiny cities – barely hamlet sized)

Oh dear. Simcity console reveals that Bradshaw is either mis-informed by her techs…or lying through her teeth


Here’s where the story turns to farce. Faced with countless people now unplugging their internet connections and proving the single city aspect of the game definitely does not require an internet connection. Faced with video proof of the console features which lay lie to the claims of massive server side computation support requirements. Bradshaw does not back down. She gets out her bullsh!t shovel and keeps digging.

“From the ground up, we designed this game with multiplayer in mind – using new technology to realize a vision of players connected in regions to create a SimCity that captured the dynamism of the world we live in; a global, ever-changing, social world… We also made innovative use of servers to move aspects of the simulation into the cloud to support region play and social features.”


Your SimCity Saves Are Not “In The Cloud” They Are Saved On Individual Servers And Are NOT Transferable Between Them. Does Bradshaw Even Know What A Cloud Service Is?

It Seems Not!

Azzer responded by saying:



“All the server sends to your client, is some very basic data about each city – how much power they have available, how much spare fire trucks, you know – that sort of stuff. It’s minor, and it’s sent as raw numbers. Your client then just goes ‘oh there’s XXX power spare from city Z.’ It’s that simple.”

But this seems to contradict the claims from Maxis that the servers are, “using new technology to realize a vision of players connected in regions to create a SimCity that captured the dynamism of the world we live in.” How does Azzer respond to that? “The server side calculations are all, frankly, rubbish.” Ah. In his opinion, clearly. “Every bit of it,” he continues. “The only ‘good’ they do at the moment is for a multiplayer region – they are just a way for my city to tell your city how much power I have spare, and update that data every few minutes while I play. A middleman of sorts.”

In fact, Azzer thinks that even despite this, the tech isn’t nearly as good as it should be. “The servers are terrible, the MySQL set-up sloppy, and they are trying to handle all of the saving server side (“the cloud”) which is bogging them down constantly – they aren’t optimized for how many simultaneous cities are connected at once. Hell, this “cloud” saving isn’t even very clever is it – if you change servers, all your saves are gone. They don’t even “cloud” your saves between their own servers.”

Azzer explains that the only other role served by the servers – beyond the obvious “fluff and guff” as he calls it of invites, chat, leaderboards, etc. – is to prevent cheating. “Most of the processing work is probably their attempts at anti-cheat stuff, checking a city doesn’t do… something… at an unrealistic speed.”

As we’ve repeatedly pointed out, while not offering an offline version of SimCity is entirely Maxis’s call, our issue this week has been withtheir claiming it would be near impossible, rather than their simply believing it undesirable.

So how simple does Azzer think getting an offline version going might be? “They could make an entire region single player offline with absolute ease. It would be as simple as coding in a switch saying, ‘Is this person playing single player? Take the power values of each city from local memory instead of ask for it from the server instead.’ The only thing missing is saving to local hard drive – but let’s be real, the code for saving your city already exists, I can’t imagine even that would take more than an hour to put into the client (and it probably already exists in the client for development builds), plus a little bit of time for the UI elements for Save/Load.”

“For an offline mode,” he continues, “instead of asking EA servers how much power is available from a fellow city in the region, it will simply have it in memory, as a small handful of values from another city. No live calculations done on them. Just raw values, all the EA servers send anyway. And as you’ll only be playing/simulating one city at a time in offline mode (cities you don’t play are “frozen in time”) – those values of how much spare power, resources, etc. other cities have won’t even need updating, until you change cities.”

But how exactly would that work? If those cities are frozen, resources won’t be renewed, nor depleted? “Let’s say you and I play in a region together,” says Azzer, talking about the regular online game. “You build a town that has lots of power and water (water is a consumable just like coal) and spare fire trucks. I build a big casino city with lots of criminals. You go offline and don’t play for a whole week, but I keep playing for an entire week.” Okay, with you. “During that week, my client will keep telling me stories about fire trucks coming to help me from your city, I’ll keep getting water from you, I’ll keep getting power from you – of a ‘set amount’ dictated by how much you had spare when you last logged off. This is all processed by my client, not by the server. All the server did was tell me ‘X fire trucks available, Y water available, Z power available, from city with the name ABC,’ as a raw list of values. When you log back on, your water levels will be exactly as they were when you last logged off, because EA’s servers were NOT doing any processing, and my client only affects the city I am simulating.”

The question is why are Maxis and EA continuing to talk nonsense. Provable and repeatable evidence exists that lay lie to all these assertions of server requirements – yet they plough on defiance of all evidence, all logic and demonstrable proof that what they are saying is untrue. Why?

postheadericon WarZ Sales Stopped By Steam

First there was Arma, then there was Arma II and its expansions, then there was DayZ, a survival zombie game based on the Arma II and expansion engine, then another company called Hammerpoint jumped on the bandwagon and released a game called WarZ that looked very (very) similar indeed..

WarZ came out yesterday, indeed, I was about to buy it yesterday, I read some terrible reviews. But seeing as it was less than $15 I thought “what the hell” lets buy it today. I went back to Steam to buy it, the day after release. It was no longer listed as a “new release”, very unusual for a piece of software just 24 hours after official release day. So I typed WarZ into the search box at the top of Steam and sure enough it came up, but there is now no link to buy it. I have a quick look around on various forums and find that Steam have decided to stop selling it.

Don’t know what the real issue is here, there are allegations of all sorts of things going on and, as somebody hasn’t played it yet I can’t comment one way or the other.

But it does seem a bit of a shame doesn’t it? Survival horror sounds great to me, minecraft’s basic “swords and fantasy” premise has bored me to tears with its constant “armour and wizards and zombies” junk. I wanted something more to date. Looked like this is going to be it.

Whatever you did wrong Hammerpoint, it looks like it’s meant the end for War Z

Shame on you, Shame for you I suppose. See you on the other side.

postheadericon Steam Green Light Promotes More Dirge

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little bit frustrated with Steams Green Light indie game promotion system.

For those of you who don’t know, the ubiquitous online content distribution and digital rights management platform Steam has, for the last few months, had a system whereby independent game designers can promote their wares subject of them being approved by both steam and a certain number of Steam’s users voting for their product.

I’m certain that being on Steam will have a great benefit for many tiny development houses.,Having your software promoted on a platform where literally millions see it every day is got to be good for sales, but am I the only one getting sick to death of seeing the same sort of title promoted over and over again.

While there are some fantastic imaginative titles on their, games that offer unique approaches and add something different and new to the canon of games available, most of those that get released all picked up by this platform or three very specific and very minority sub genres.

Platform Games.

Really? More platform games?

Yes I understand ever since Super Meat Boy and VVVVVVV there have been twists on a very old and jaded formula. But now the Green Light system is full of people jumping on the bandwagon with bolt together, “colour by numbers” – “ cookie cutter” platform games that look as dull as ditch-water.

Minecraft Clones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love minecraft. But why does every clone have to be a more or less exact copy. The zombies, skeletons, armour, crafting table, the same game mechanics left click, right click, break and place block. These aren’t clones these are absolutely 100% copies of minecraft. Why are there so many of them, why is no-one bothering to take the genre on a little bit?

Rogue likes.

I love rogue like games, I played net hack for years, spin-offs such as Diablo (at least in its first two incarnations) were fantastic but now about every fourth game on Steam Green Light system is a Rogue like. Bored bored bored.

Commercial games.

Why are there games from Electronic arts on a green light. Isn’t it meant for independent developers? What is the point of that? Valve do it as well with remakes of Portal and Counterstrike. This sullies the whole idea of an independent only platform. Sneaking in huge studio productions under the radar. Not good steam, not good.

postheadericon Cokfudge The word of the day

So, you wanted to know what “cokfudge” meant? Maybe someone used it as “The word of the day on Facebook and said “Look it up”

So you did – and  – well – you ended up here looking for the definition of the word – well here it is.

This Cok  but made of fudge cokfudge


Cokfudge Defn: A made up word or phrase placed on Facebook for the purposes of proving just how quickly you can get a blog post indexed and ranked number one in the search engines – as long as it’s for a word that you’ve just made up and didn’t exist before 11:34 on a Thursday night in November 2012.


Or – How to be first in a competition with only one contestant

Or – How to increase (slightly) the visitor numbers to a new blogpost using nonsense mini meme’s

That’s Cokfudge!

postheadericon Good To See K.P Playing For England Again

At four o’clock tomorrow morning UK time England take the field against India in a series they are not fancied to win. After all the trials and tribulations of summer, KP is due to be back in their ranks. Fulfilling his destiny batting at number four. For many he is the only player in the side with the ability to take on the Indian spinners at their own game.

KP Batting For England


However, in a recent interview he was concerned that his brain might get in the way of what he wanted to do.

“Like, I might want to hit the ball but my brain might be saying no lead this one alone and wait for the next one – brains are like that aren’t they”

let’s hope he gets it all sorted out in his mind before tomorrow morning. England expects!

postheadericon I’ve Quit SWTOR

Got an email this morning from Bioware. Read it, answered it. Just doing that made me think about SWTOR, and think that, in short, I wasn’t actually enjoying the game. In fact I didn’t even want to play it, more..if it was the only game on my HDD I would probably just go for a walk.

Shame – I waited years for it, but it’s as shallow as a puddle of pi$$. Here’s what I wrote anyway.


Sad to say, I’m not really enjoying SWTOR at the moment. The buzz wore off very quickly (a few days) and I’m left with quite a hollow feeling towards ther experience. Here’s why that is (for me at least);


The story for Jedi Consellor is a little repetative

  • Go to planet one – then do the following;
  • Quest line to find and help Jedi Master with disease
  • Quest line to help locals with group of "insurgents" or "imperial agents"

..when finished..Goto planet two and start again.


The user interface hinders me a little, nothing is where I would find it intuitively. I find myself healing a recently beaten mob rather than my companion sometimes, all sorts of things I don’t like about the interface (it’s too BIG for a start – it’s like a 5 year old child’s toy) Really needs to be customizable.

Character customization.

CC seems underdeveloped. I am very limited in what I can wear, and despite buying new items every few levels my character’s "look" is more or less unaltered. I see other JC’s running around, and they all like just like me. I don’t feel like a hero, or even an individual, I feel like "Jedi Counsellor Clone 3354b"


Crafting is dull. I can craft a whole list of virtually identical mods for armour and weapons. They all look the same, and no-one (not even me) can find any use for them. I can stick them on the the trade for 500 credits an no-one wants them

"xxxxx mod 9" looks exactly the same as

"xxxxxx mod 8"….. and despite keeping my crafting up with my character levelling, I have yet to find an item I craft that I actually have a use for myself – i.e is even marginally better than a mob drop I have already found or someone else has found and put on the Gal trade network.

Crafting itself is uninvolved. It’s not a sub game, it’s not a challenge, What it is is being interrupted during combat when one of your companions comes back and sats "Here’s your stuff" and just pressing "Make this" or "go there".

The only slight interaction I have is to ensure that I have enough of the vendor sold re-agents in stock or storage.  There are these descriptions of the missions your companion is oging on "Visit a deserted spacecraft and see if they have XXXXX" but after the first five goes… you just press the button

That is 100% of your crafting experience in a a button to send a companion off…. wait 20 minutes till he or she comes back….then press it again.


Should be interesting. But it’s not. There is not enough data to make informed stock choices or to "play the market". I perhaps spend 40% of my solo time at end level in other MMO’s playing the market. It’s great fun. Sure EvE and some other games (PotBS) have really good involved economics tied in with harvesting and crafting, but even WoW, Aion, Rift and FFXI have  a fun factor.  X-faction trading, storage and logistics etc.SWTOR has none of this, or at best very stunted and unerdeveloped trade and trading tools.


Grouping takes so long, and with so few people looking to run any particular flashpoint or heroic, I have just given up on it. I am planning to give multi (or at least dual) boxing a try, as the lack of community means I am missing so much of the content I might well enjoy -  I might buy a standard retail copy and give it a go for a month. But eventually I see me leaving SWTOR in a few months for a game with more scope (more involved trading and commercial aspects, better and more involved crafting)

At the moment there is not enough depth to make the game a stayer for me. I can quite happily solo while a community builds up, but all I’m doing is grinding quests. No secondary professions, dull crafting, dull trading and awkward interface, coupled with a plot line (for JC’s at least) which just seems to be an endless repeat of the same tasks – just with the level numbers changed. If I have to "Save another Jedi Grand Master" …Arrrggggghhhh!

I understand SWTOR is a "theme park" and I have no issue with that. WoW is a theme park, Aion is a theme park, FFXI is a theme park I love those games. But they seem to have a lot more "rides" than SWTOR.

With a real lack of involvement and depth in crafting, trading, sub professions etc, SWTOR is like a theme park with one ride..levelling.


  • Group finding  (Flashpoints and Heroics being missed due to no groups and very few flagged as LFG)
  • GUI customization (lack of) Poor GUI, targets, etc all in fixed and none intuitive places
  • Professions (dull, uninvolving "click button  – wait – click again")
  • No "Extra" professions to kill time when soloing. As you don’t even craft personally. If your not levelling – your doing nothing  – and that’s not good at all.
  • Trade Network (dull, no incentive for engrossing trading/stock play – no economic tools)
  • JC plot line repetiton (Save Jedi Grand Master, goto planet two  – rinse and repeat)
  • CHARACTER APPEARANCE CUSTOMIZATION (Limited in what I can buy – and no matter what I DO buy I end up looking 99% the same)

You’ll see from my stats that I’m playing less and less. I’m hoping for big news on improvement soon. Story alone is not going to make up for lack of  varied gameplay elements. And I’m not that impressed with the story (for JC at least)

I’m paid up till mid April, and sadly I think that will probably be the end of my time with SWTOR unless there are really big improvements. ESSP with more involved and varied gameplay elements added.

I expect you’ll get more money from me though. Mass Effect 3 in a few weeks etc.

I’m not sure MMO’s are going to be your strong point though. Too much emphasis on story and not near enough "game" to go with it.



Oh well

postheadericon Imagine “Blizzard Focusing on Games”..(rather than customers)

So, some people are ranting like crazy..others seem pretty cool with it.


No Blizzcon in 2012 of course.

It’s ok–as long as the pretty lady says it!

postheadericon Blizzcon Cancelled SHOCK NEWS


BlizzonLogoIt’s rare that I have news as amazing as today’s. But Blizzard has officially announced that there will be no Blizzcon in 2012.

A spokesman for the company cited the release of three games in this financial year as a reason why the company said they did not have the time for resources to put on a major events such as Blizzcon.

Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria and the new Starcraft game are all being released in the next 8 to 10 months.

Ok so they have a lot to finish and promote, but surely, with a high profile games being released now is exactly the time you would have a major event to promote them, wouldn’t you?

An event which guarantees tens of thousands of visitors, a huge boost in publicity and is already established in the calendar of many gamers throughout the world.

Don’t forget, taking a break of the year and sometimes completely lose focus, people will find something else to do to that particular week and it may not come back with the same pizzazz as it left with.

I put a link to the official statement in the image with this post, I’m just off to have a couple of very strong coffee to get over the shock.

postheadericon Diablo III Beta Patch 10 Test Live Tonight

Diablo3  -  Not Just A Keyboard WreckerAs those of you who’ve been following the progress of Diablo III through its various trials and tribulations. You will be well aware that the non disclosure agreements for beta testers was lifted some months ago.

As of now patch 10 for the latest beta client has just been released. And tonight there is an opportunity to see it being played live. In lieu of those few who have managed to make the closed beta this could be one of your last opportunities to judge yourself how well the game’s progress since the early videos were well touted on Youtube.

Personally I’m looking to see more depth in the game. A jazzed up Diablo II is not what I’m after it all, I have Titan Quest, Torchlight and several other games in my drawer to scratch that itch..

I’m looking for real characterisation, progression, teamwork and a hell of a lot more than just spamming two or three attack keys over and over again.

Anyway, follow the link here and judge for yourself tonight.

postheadericon 4.3.2 Patch Delay. Poor Old Hunters

Warcraft 4.3.2 PatchSo patch 4.3.2 is likely to be delayed.
For most people this is probably fine. It’s just a 3rd tier update with a few balancing tweaks after all.
Notice the hunters changes though. All positive. Black Arrow effect roughly doubled, deterrence effect increased and Lock and Load is not halter by arcane shot (which might fundamentally change a hunters PvE rotation)

Full notes below.



World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.2

  • Classes: General Vengeance is no longer triggered by receiving damage from other players.
  • Druids The Tier 13 Balance Druid 4-piece bonus now also increases the damage of Starsurge by 10%, in addition to its current effect.
  • Hunters Aspect of the Hawk now grants roughly 35% more attack power.
    Deterrence now also reduces damage taken by 30% while active.
    Black Arrow now ticks every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, as opposed to every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The total damage dealt by the ability is unchanged.
    Lock and Load no longer benefits Arcane Shot, nor is it consumed by Arcane Shot.
  • Mages Fireball damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.
    Pyroblast damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.
  • Paladins Holy Radiance now costs 40% of base mana, up from 35%.
  • Priests Mass Dispel should again prefer dispelling targets that have magic effects that can be dispelled.
  • Dungeons & Raids You can now form same-faction raids with Real ID friends, allowing you to enter Raid Finder in groups larger than 5, run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds. You will not yet be able to run normal or heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm raids of Real ID friends.
  • Several typo fixes and clarified descriptions have been added to the Dungeon Journal entries for Dragon Soul.
  • Players can no longer win multiple copies of the same item on a single Raid Finder boss kill. For example, a player who chooses Need on two set piece tokens or two weapons and wins the first, will not be eligible for the second on that particular boss.

postheadericon Blizzard Investors Call Early February. Titan, Diablo, WoW

Like most major software companies, particularly those affiliated to large distributors, Blizzard have an obligation both to their partners and to their shareholders to periodically appraise them of their situation.

One of these “Financial calls” is due in the next few days, and it comes at a very fluid time for the software developers.

Blizzard are expected to announce the release of Diablo III very soon..

Mike Morhaime is widely expected to use the upcoming call to make a release date announcement.

But for those of us still playing World of Warcraft, the financial situation of Blizzard has a much deeper interest, and one that I’ve not seen reported elsewhere.

As most of you are aware, there is a project on-going at Blizzard called “Titan” and this has been described as a “ new casual role-playing game”.

Titan By Blizzard EntertainmentThat’s the title that baffles me. Any game where I have to pay a monthly description I would expect to play for many hours per month to get value for my subscription fee. I’m not sure where the word “casual” comes into it?

More importantly even than that is that reports over the last three months have been that up to 1.4 million subscribers have cancelled their Warcraft craft accounts.

While this still leaves Blizzard with a game many times more popular than any other MMO on the market, it does represent a huge and very rapid drop in subscription. Let’s face it, WoW is now over seven years old and at its very heart a lot of its infrastructure is pretty dated..

This is never more apparent than when creating a new character with one of the original races. The rather gormless looking caricature faces for humans, dwarfs and gnomes, not to mention the very limited choices in facial features is the first indicator that this game is based on a very old platform.

Of course like most people we value depth of game-play above visual aesthetics, but there comes a time when you really are stretching the elastic, and something needs to give.

I predict that this next economic update from Blizzard will at least hint at a change to the subscription style that they operate or, conversely that following the Pandaria update, Warcraft will undergo a massive and fundamental change in engine and design.

Of course there is a third option, that Warcraft will gradually be phased out, going free to play in the next 18 months or so to make room in the market place for “Titan”.

Here at Wowgoldeliteguide we will have the full update after the call the call

postheadericon Ultraxion References Skyim. Homage or Insult?

Warcraft 4.3 Ultraxion RaidIt’s a question that might take some answering, When does a homage turn into an insult?

Quite a while now we been aware that Blizzard were considering adding references to Skyrim, a single player role-playing game from rival company Bethesda Softworks.

Some of the trash mobs that raiding parties had to encounter before doing the Ultraxion content were named or referenced the story and characters from Bethesdas record-breaking game.

I have scoured the net and not seen any representatives or anybody involved with the production of Skyrim complain about this idea at all, yet in the Blizzard forums there seems to be quite a heated debate about an “implied insult”.

Think of it this way, if you did not realise that other people were insulted by this would you consider it as an insult at all, or simply a homage to another game?

I’m firmly in the second camp, Warcraft has often cross-referenced popular culture in the past, and there is no direct competition between WoW and Skyrim.

One is a massively multiplayer game, the one a single player only.

In fact if anything, they probably compliment one another in keeping the “swords and sorcery” theme alive. I won both – as do many people I know. I am not choosing one over the other, they are quite different and…..oh well

Sadly, (in my opinion anyway), Blizzard seem to be considering removing or changing this content.

The spoilsports and killjoys win again.